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healthcare, cleantech

and software  


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WeWork, 50-60 Station Road, Cambridge ​CB1 2JH

United Kingdom,

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Over a decade with Fresh, we have grown our portfolio beyond 200 patents. Fresh are very responsive, and always ready to go the extra mile. They cope very well with our constant demands to have things done "yesterday", and all in a calm and efficient manner. 

Fresh are modern and tech savvy. For us, being able to access our files online and extract reports for management is highly valuable.

Back when I was an inexperienced entrepreneur, I opted for big IP firms. Now having worked with IP lawyers extensively, I am looking for experts. Fresh are specialists in medical tech and AI. In Heartfelt we combine both. They are truly strategic and my investors are impressed with the prosecution achievements. Their global presence matches our global ambitions and the importance we assign to IP in the US and Europe.

Debbie Werbeloff, IP ManagerIDE  Technologies.

IDE is a world  leader in water treatment solutions. 

#2 on Fortune's  world changing company's list for 2016.

Dr. Shamus Husheer, CEOHeartfelt Technologies.

Heartfelt uses image processing and AI for early identification of heart failure.

Fresh is the only IP firm that "gets" startups. After I started using them for my portfolio companies back in my OIS days, what has before been complaints about the lawyers became raving compliments. I now use them for my own companies. If you look for IP lawyers who are there for you in the long run and are not looking for short term profit and make all others look like they have no clue, you got them right here.

Roy Azoulay, Sereley Ltd.

Roy was previously the manager of the Oxford University Software Incubator and is now building technology to fight deep fakes, used by the Guardian.

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