Who is Tali?

Tali is a Registered Foreign Lawyer, and an Israeli Advocate.

​What did she do before?

Tali has an LLM degree in Commercial Law, and she became a partner in a law firm at the age of 28. Tali has also managed her own practice in Israel, and after moving to the UK , became a manager in an IP consultancy.

​What does she do now?

Tali runs FRESH operations and co-operations.

​How is this unique?

Tali has many years of experience in legal and IP services . She has a diverse knowledge of multiple fields of law, and speaks a number of languages.

Tali’s versatile background allows FRESH to be truly accessible, and operate at the highest levels of service and expertise.

Something personal

Tali is an author of 2 children's books, and she loves interior design.


The Manager



Who is Kate?

Kate is an UK and European Patent Attorney.

​What did she do before?

Kate has a BSc degree in Biochemistry & Biological Chemistry, and a Master of Science degree in the Management of Intellectual Property Law from Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London.

Kate has been a partner in the largest firm of Patent Attorneys in the UK for more than 10 years, before starting her own practice.

​What does she do now?

Kate works with a broad range of FRESH clients - individual inventors, startups, universities, and large international companies  - in relation to mechanical, chemical and biochemical inventions.

​How is this unique?

Kate brings big firm patent attorney partner-level experience that can be delivered with FRESH modern, state-of-the art, culture and technology.

kate lees

The Biochemist


img_1229 pamela.jpg

Who is Pamela?

Pamela is our IP formalities manager.

​What did she do before?

Pamela is an LLB graduate with honours from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

What does she do now?

Pamela is handling the IP formalities, providing patent, trade mark and designs paralegal support.

​How is this unique?

Pamela's legal background helps her to navigate the complexities of handling comprehensive, international IP portfolios. Her ability to communicate in multiple languages  - English, Italian, Greek and Turkish, and to understand different cultures, put her in an ideal position to work with foreign associates all over the world.

Something personal

Pamela loves spending time with her family, travelling, reading a good book and going to the cinema.


Head of IP Formalities


zeev - Copy.jpg

Who is Zeev?

Zeev is a UK Solicitor & Chartered Trademark Attorney, an Israeli Advocate, and a Legal-tech Startup Founder.

​What did he do before?

Zeev has been a managing partner of three Law firms specialising in International Intellectual Property and Commercial Law, and a Founder & CEO of a legal-tech startup company, that raised £1.4M. 

​What does he do now?

Zeev works closely with promising companies, often by taking a non-executive director role. His expertise is creating an aligned strategy for the business that takes into account business objectives and IP matters.

How is this unique?

Zeev seamlessly moves between the worlds of business and legal, and has expertise in multiple jurisdictions. He can understand the founder's perspective better than most.

Something personal

Zeev is learning to speak Spanish and to play the guitar.



The Strategist



Who is Jonathan?

Jonathan is a UK and European Patent Attorney.

​What did he do before?

Jonathan is an Oxford graduate with honours, who has been a senior associate in a large IP firm before starting his own practice. 

​What does he do now?

Jonathan works with FRESH clients on filing and prosecution of patent applications in the UK, Europe and overseas in a variety of technical fields including electronics, telecommunications, software and medical devices.

​How is this unique?

Jonathan brings diverse and international patent attorney experience, that can be delivered with FRESH modern, state-of-the art culture and technology.

jonathan clark


The Physicist


Who is Jed?

Jed is our Startup programme manager.

What did he do before?

Jed is an LLB graduate with honours from De Montfort University, and he worked as a product manager in a legal-tech startup company.

​What does he do now?

Jed is handling FRESHSTART  - our unique programme for startups.

​How is this unique?

Jed's legal background and his experience working in a startup company, put him in an excellent position to understand FRESHSTART members needs, and provide FRESH thinking on how we can help them.

Something personal

Jed loves learning new skills - he has recently tried beekeeping, tea blending and indoor skydiving.


Head of Startups