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Our Startup Programme

Helping startups is at the forefront of our activity.

We do that through our  startup programme: FRESHSTART  


FRESHSTART 's goal is to discover the best startups and help them to become unicorns. Every year, we will choose several PRE-SEED or SEED-STAGE truly inspiring startup companies to become members of this programme.


- World-changing technology

- Pitch deck

We provide:​

- IP support, including IP health check and handling initial patent and trademark protection at up to 50% discount, for the first 12 months.

- IP Strategy Support

- Patent and trademark advice at early stages from our experts globally at reduced rates.


For a startup, top-notch early-stage IP support that only large corporations typically have access to, an IP firm that is a true partner takes the risks with you and joins you in the journey. 

For early-stage investors, there is no better way to conduct IP due diligence.

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