Eighteen years ago, the founders of FRESH started their legal careers. They qualified at the age of 22 and became partners in different Law firms before the age of 30. A few years ago, they took a break from full-time legal practice, and pursued other passions: Zeev set up a tech startup company, raised funding, and experienced the entrepreneurial journey first hand. Tali authored 2 children's books and ran a property venture. 

Today, building on their unique experience as those who know exactly how hard, complicated, often lonely, but also exciting and inspiring it is to be in the driver's seat, they are bringing with them a diverse legal knowledge, experience, and an all-expert team with the mission of helping the most Creative Minds, change the world!


FRESH is an Intellectual Property consultancy that supports founders and investors in growing tech companies through IP and business expertise when they need it the most - in the early stages.

FRESH's vision is to help change the world for the better by supporting ambitious companies that face the greatest challenges of humankind.


FRESH's mission is to be the most helpful supporter of founders and investors by providing insightful and business-oriented services, and handling valuable international IP portfolios.

FRESH's entire model is built around partnership at the early stages, such that founders can get the world-class support they need.

FRESH strives to be present at the right time, and help execute successful  deals.


We are in this together. We say things as they are. We are there when you need us. We take ownership of our suggestions and recommendations. We succeed when you, our clients, succeed.