As you grow...

As you move away from startup phase and start growing toward world domination, your focus shifts towards having the right STRATEGY and correctly managing OPERATION.


FRESHSTRATEGY 's goal is to help deep tech companies align their IP strategy with their business objectives and act with a clear understanding of their position and targets.


- Post round A, at least

- Technology is in the core of the company's proposition

- The company values the importance of protecting its assets

We provide:

- An IP Strategy Review, covering ownership and recordals, current assets & previous strategy and how well it worked so far.

- An IP Strategy plan that covers: managing administration and outside counsel, defensive/filing strategy, offensive strategy, competitor monitoring strategy, targets and recommendations.

We create tailored IP strategy plan and update it every year. 


IP strategy enables companies to protect their IP when and where it makes sense, in ways that make sense, accelerate important applications and drop IP that stops being valuable.


Having a policy that's been carefully considered raises the value of companies and relays to investors that the company operates competently, and that its management knows what it does. It also helps to reduce due-diligence time ahead of late-stage funding rounds or M&A transactions.



FRESHOPS 's goal is to help big companies to create and maintain comprehensive and valuable international IP portfolios.


- At least 5 patent or trademark families

- The company values the importance of protecting its IP assets


We provide:​

- Professional support to the company's IP function in managing the company's IP assets with a strategy consultant, a trained paralegal, and a modern case management / docketing software.


Companies with an IP portfolio typically introduce some quasi-IP internal function, long before introducing a full-time IP manager. At this stage, the internal IP person is required to handle both administrative and substantive IP matters, with no supporting staff or adequate software. 

The outcome is often relying exclusively on an expensive firm of patent attorneys, that does not necessarily share the deep business insights that the in-house person has.

Our expertise on-demand model has been created to give the company's in-house IP functions, be them CTO, CFO, patent attorney or anyone else, better control over the management of the IP operations within the company.